Teamsters Educational Privileges


Educational privileges are available to regular full-time faculty and staff members, their spouse, and their unmarried children. The grant-in aid benefit is a 75% discount on the tuition charge and applies to World Campus, Penn State resident instruction at all campuses, and continuing education credit courses (See University policies HR36 and HR37 that was in effect as of July 1, 2014).

In order to maintain the tuition discount the employee must work to the halfway point of the semester. If the employee terminates employment prior the halfway point, the tuition discount will be removed from the student account and an adjusted bill will be sent to the student.


Educational privileges apply to all resident instruction, continuing education, and World Campus credit courses except:

  • The College of Medicine, Medical School Program and Physician's Assistant Program, at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
  • The Smeal College of Business Administration Executive MBA Program
  • The Dickinson School of Law and Penn State Law

Also, the privileges do not apply at summer camps or workshops operated by the University, unless, University credit is given and regular tuition is charged.


As an active employee, the 75% grant-in-aid is applicable the semester which begins with, or next follows, your effective date of full-time employment.

  • If you are on a 12-month appointment, there is a 16 credit maximum per academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring) for the employee. Dependents do not have a credit limit.
  • If you are appointed for Fall and Spring semesters only, there is a 12 credit maximum per academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring) for the employee. Dependents do not have a credit limit.


A spouse, except one receiving educational assistance from the University, such as a graduate assistantship, is eligible for the grant-in-aid beginning two years from your date of regular employment. There is no limitation on the number of credits that may be taken. All levels of degrees may be earned.

Tuition discounts on Graduate level classes for a spouse are a taxable benefit. For more information regarding taxation on Graduate level courses for a spouse, please visit the Controller's Office FAQ.

Dependent Children

Unmarried children are eligible beginning with the semester coincident with or next following your effective date of full-time employment. The grant-in-aid applies only until a dependent child receives a bachelor's degree. This includes a bachelor degree that was earned from other colleges or universities. Undergraduate classes for dependent children are not a taxable benefit.


Employees wishing to use the tuition discount for themselves do not need to submit any forms.  This will be an automatic process through the Bursar's Office to apply the discount.

Active employees applying for the grant-in-aid for an eligible dependent must use the Online Grant-In-Aid Form (link below).

NEW - The online form must be completed PRIOR to EACH semester or summer session in which the grant-in-aid is to applied. Grant-in-aid will NOT be applied retroactively to previous semesters.

Grant-In Aid Form (Penn State University & Pennsylvania College of Technology)