During the COVID-19 pandemic, EyeMed has created a member Frequently Asked Questions update to address some common vision insurance questions being asked by members. Please review the FAQ to learn more about what you should do if you need new glasses, lenses, or contacts, and feel free to reach out to EyeMed directly at 866-939-3633 with further questions.

EyeMed COVID-19 Member FAQ Update

Penn State's vision plan is administered by EyeMed. See EyeMed's Summary of Benefits for more details. For questions, contact EyeMed at 866-939-3633.

Features of EyeMed vision coverage:

  • Increased allowance for contact lenses and frames to $130 (previous provider: $90). Please note that the benefit is one-time use during the two calendar year period; the entire $130 benefit must be used in one claim otherwise the remaining balance is forfeited.
  • ANY frame covered at 100% at Target Optical and Sears Optical (Freedom Pass)
  • Participating providers include; LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and many independent providers
  • 40% discount on additional glasses
  • Online purchasing at
  • 40% discount on hearing exams
  • Access to claims and benefits are available via the EyeMed mobile app and online access
  • When searching online for an in-network provider, select the INSIGHT network

Please note that enrolled members do not need an ID card to receive services. In-network providers are able to look enrolled members up in the EyeMed system with name and date of birth. In an effort to "Go Green," EyeMed will only send an initial ID card. After the initial ID card, members can use the EyeMed portal to obtain, download, and/or print a copy of their ID card. Replacement ID cards will no longer be sent.


Full-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are eligible to enroll in the Penn State Vision Plan. For information about spouse and dependent children eligibility, please see Dependent Eligibility.

Part-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are not eligible to participate in the Penn State Vision Plan.

Postdoctoral appointments: As per postdoctoral eligibility, the per-pay contribution rates follow the same premium schedule as for faculty and staff. For additional information regarding the benefits available to postdoctoral appointments, please contact or visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

If you or your dependents are no longer eligible for the vision plan, information will be mailed from Lifetime Benefit Solutions regarding continuing coverage under COBRA. Additional information regarding COBRA benefits can be found on our COBRA website.

2020 Vision Premiums

2020 Vision Premiums
Coverage Bi-Weekly Monthly
Employee $0.48 $1.05
Family $1.60 $3.47

Payroll contributions are deducted based on the year of payroll issuance. For example, the first January bi-weekly payroll will be for hours worked in the prior year, but the deductions will be taken at the new rate since the paycheck is processed in the new year.

Amplifon Hearing Discounts

EyeMed offers discounts on hearing exams and hearing aid products. To learn more, contact an Amplifon Patient Care Advocate (PCA) by calling: 1-877-203-0675 or visiting

*If you don’t share that you have Aetna and decide to purchase your hearing aids using only the discounted pricing, you can ALWAYS file for a reimbursement through Aetna. This way, you still get Amplifon’s discounted pricing plus their funded benefit.

The Patient Care Advocate (aka PCA) will ask for the member’s zip code in order to locate an Amplifon provider nearest to him/her, answer questions and assist the patient with scheduling the hearing exam.

In addition to the Amplifon discounted pricing, members receive a member package, which includes:

  • A 60-day risk free trial period
  • A lowest price guarantee
  • No interest financing for 12 months for those who qualify
  • A 3-year loss and damage warranty. Simply pay a small deductible if you lose or damage your hearing aids (typically between $150-$250)
  • The patient receives 2 years of batteries at no cost. This equates to 80 cells per hearing aid per year
  • 1 year of free follow up care with one’s provider