Value-Added Vision Benefits

Replacement contact lens program—Highmark offers a contact lens replacement program to members.
Call 1-855-589-7911 or visit with a current prescription.

Information about laser vision correction services—You are entitled to savings of up to 25% off the provider’s charge, or a 5% discount on any advertised special through a network of credentialed physicians affiliated with Eye Centers of Excellence. (Some centers provide a flat fee equating to these discount levels.)

Eyeglass warranty—Highmark provides an unconditional breakage warranty to repair or replace plan eyewear manufactured in a Davis Vision laboratory for one year from the initial date of delivery.

Additional spectacle eyewear and disposable contact lens discounts—You are entitled to a 20 % discount on the purchase of additional frames and/or spectacle lenses. Members receive a 10% discount on additional disposable contact lenses.

Frame benefit—You may choose from “The Collection” in most independent network provider offices or a program allowance will be applied toward a network provider’s own frames. Many Collection frames are covered in full or have a nominal copayment which helps you select high-quality frames, while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. Network retail providers typically do not display “The Collection”. You may visit our Web site,, to locate a provider who offers “The Collection”. You will instead be given a program allowance toward your frame purchase. If the chosen frame exceeds the allowance, you will be responsible for any remaining balance.

Contact lenses benefit—Contact lenses may be selected in lieu of eyeglasses. No copayment applies towards the initial supply of formulary contact lenses (many of the most popular standard, soft daily wear; disposable or planned replacement) including fitting/follow-up charges.  A program allowance will be applied toward contact lenses from the provider’s own supply (which may or may not include fitting/follow-up charges).  Program allowances will be applied for both contact lenses and contact lens fitting/follow-up charges. At a network retail location, you will receive an allowance toward the cost of lenses from the retailer’s supply. With prior approval, medically necessary contact lenses will be covered in full at all network provider locations.

Low vision services—You and your covered dependents are entitled to a comprehensive low vision evaluation once every five years and low vision aids up to the plan maximum. Up to four follow-up visits will be covered during the five-year period.

Exclusions—This vision program excludes coverage for certain items and services, including: medical treatment of eye disease or injury; vision therapy; special lens designs or coatings other than those previously described; replacement of lost or stolen eyewear; non-prescription (plano) lenses; and services not performed by licensed personnel.

Network providers—The Davis Vision provider network is being used through a contractual arrangement between Davis Vision and Highmark. Davis Vision is an independent company that manages a network of licensed vision providers in both private practice and retail locations.

Network retail locations—In order to provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility and convenience, the network includes a number of retail establishments. Benefits at the retail locations may vary slightly from other locations, as noted in this benefit description. However, your value is comparable.

Locating a network provider—To find a network provider, go to and click on “Find a Doctor or Rx” and then “Find an Eyecare Provider.”  Enter your zip code and mile radius then click on “Search” to see the most current listing of providers that will accept your vision plan.

Receiving services from a network provider:

  1. Call the network provider of your choice and schedule an appointment.
  2. Identify yourself as a Highmark member, or eligible dependent, in a vision plan administered by Davis Vision.
  3. Provide the office with your identification (ID) number (located on your Highmark ID card), and the name and birth date of the covered dependent receiving services. The provider’s office will verify your eligibility for services.

Call Member Service Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST) at 1-800-914-4384 (TTY users call 1-800-523-2847) for pre-enrollment information, to find a network provider, ask benefit questions, verify eligibility or request an out-of-network provider reimbursement form.