Manager FAQs

How do I sign up a new employee for onboarding?

You will not need to do this. Your new employee will be directed to sign up for an onboarding session on our website. If you receive any questions, please direct them to the onboarding sessions schedule.

How will I know when my new employee has completed onboarding?

You will receive an email from an HR Data and Onboarding staff member once the employee has been cleared to begin working. This includes completion of background check(s)/clearances and employment paperwork.

What will my employee do as part of the onboarding?

During the appointment at the New Employee Center, your new employee will complete all new employee paperwork, and receive their id+ card and a temporary parking permit (if applicable). Their onboarding steps will also direct them to complete compliance training, online new employee orientation, and to make their benefit selections. You will need to follow up to ensure that your new employee has completed the pertinent compliance training during the required time periods.

What do I need to do to prepare for my new employee?

You will need to coordinate any unit-specific items that need to be completed, such as workspace set-up (computer, phone, etc.), keys/building access, etc. Please also make sure to reach out prior to your employee’s first day to go over where to report, what time to arrive, review the dress code, and any similar items. Once your new employee begins working, make sure to make introductions to other employees, provide a tour, point out any lunch/break facilities, discuss call-off expectations, and similar items. To help with this process, see the Manager Onboarding Checklist.