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New Enhancement Coming to WorkLion

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Based on University-wide feedback, Penn State Human Resources (HR) is making enhancements to the WorkLion Portal. Beginning Monday, July 2, 2018, the Penn State Community will have the ability to respond to answers provided to them in their general request inquiries on the WorkLion portal.

Currently, when an HR Shared Services team member answers an inquiry, the case is immediately closed. If the individual has further questions related to the initial inquiry, the individual must submit a new inquiry. Beginning Monday, July 2, 2018, when an HR Shared Services team member provides an answer to the initial general request inquiry it will move to a “Pending Closure” status. The individual will then be asked whether the response answered their inquiry or if they need further clarification. Once an inquiry is pending closure, the individual will have five business (5) days to ask for additional information or close the inquiry. If no action is taken within those five business days, the inquiry will automatically close.

This enhancement will enable better two-way communication between the University community and HR. In addition, it will eliminate the creation of multiple inquiries related to the same question. Please note that this change applies only to general request inquiries; manager form submissions will continue to follow the current closure process.

A video titled, WorkLion Inquiries: “Pending Closure” Enhancement is available in the Learning Resource Network (LRN).