A critical step to improving HR service delivery is the implementation of three new technologies to support the service advancements.

In the future state, when Penn State faculty and staff need answers to or assistance with HR issues, payroll and time keeping, or professional development, they will find everything they need at a single online source called WorkLion.

WorkLion will encompass three new technology applications:

WorkLion Workday

WorkLion Workday is the cloud-based human capital management (HCM) and payroll system, slated to go-live in 2017, coinciding with the launch of the new HR Shared Services model. Workday is a significant upgrade to the current technology and provides user-friendly HCM input and reporting, as well as self-service components. It will include many HR and Payroll components such as HR transactions (hires, terminations, promotions, etc.), performance management, timekeeping, employee payroll, recruitment, and records management. WorkLion’s accompanying technologies, Neocase and Cornerstone on Demand, are both Workday partners. For more information, visit the WorkLion Workday website. 

WorkLion HR Portal

WorkLion HR Portal powered by Neocase will enable three different functions in support of the new service delivery model:

  1. The first is a portal for employees to obtain personalized information using a single sign-on. The answers to many HR questions will be found in this informational portal and the employee self-service capabilities it will include.
  2. The second component is a knowledgebase containing searchable policies and procedures that provide content for the employee’s portal, as well as information to assist HR service center employees in providing consistent answers to inquiries.
  3. The third component is a HR case management tool that will be used by the service center staff to provide consistent documentation of each inquiry submitted from submission through resolution.

WorkLion HR Portal will serve as the front door for the HR Shared Services Center, as well as provide users with access to WorkLion Workday and WorkLion LRN

Through features provided by WorkLion’s HR Portal and Workday technologies, the HR Shared Services Center will use a tiered approach to provide HR support and service delivery. The initial tier will be self-service, with subsequent tiers escalating more complex questions and issues through the integrated areas within HR Shared Services and the Centers of Expertise.

WorkLion LRN

WorkLion LRN (Learning Resources Network), powered by Cornerstone On Demandwent, went online in August 2015 for faculty and staff professional development. The LRN is a single system to support trainer-led sessions, eLearning and training resources, keep official records of professional development activities, and work with Skillsoft Business Skills content and content. For more information, visit the LRN website.