Types of Background Checks

Standard Background Check - Required for any individuals, age 16 and over, (paid or unpaid) who are engaged by Penn State in any work capacity, per policy HR99 guidelines.

Motor Vehicle Record - Required for positions where it can be anticipated that an individual will be regularly required to drive a vehicle on University business, whether University-owned or other vehicle; or where an individual may be asked to transport minors. Motor vehicle checks will be updated every three years for positions, as relevant, and it is the department's and supervisor's responsibility to initiate the process.

Education Verification - Required for all academic positions with the exception of emeritus academic positions.

Credit History Check - Required only for positions with extensive authority to commit $10,000 or more of financial resources of the University or with extensive fiduciary responsibility for financial resources of the University including but not limited to Administrator, Academic Administrator, and Executive positions; or as required by law.

License Verification - Required for positions that require a technical/professional license or certificate and the absence of which would expose the University to legal liability and/or would not support the level required by professional standards deemed appropriate by the University.

Publicly Available Clearances - Required for employees who have direct contact with children through a program, activity or service sponsored by Penn State. This includes individuals who are: responsible for the care, supervision, guidance or control of children OR routine interaction with children. Also required for volunteers who are responsible for the care, supervision, guidance or control of children AND routine interaction with children.