Staff Job Review

How to Request a Staff Job Review

A staff position that has experienced significant change and growth, supported by increased competency proficiency, can be reviewed through the formal Staff Job Review process. Prior to submitting a request, please take a moment to review some Staff Job Review Facts.

The Staff Job Review process is as follows: 

1. The Manager begins the process by consulting with their unit HR to discuss a prospective job review.

2. The Manager will review the job review process and a listing of the required documentation. It is the responsibility of the Manager to complete all required documentation prior to submission to unit HR. An employee’s involvement in the job review process is not a requirement and is at the discretion of the Manager.

3. The Manager must ensure the following documentation is complete and up to date:

4. Once the Job Responsibilities Worksheet and Request Form have been completed, the Manager will provide the documents to unit HR. Unit HR will confirm that the documentation is complete and accurate, and that unit leadership supports the request for review.

5. Unit HR will submit the documentation via email to [email protected] (if applicable).

6. Compensation & Classification will conduct a job review (if applicable). The assigned analyst may reach out to unit HR and/or the Manager, should they have any questions.

7. Compensation & Classification will email a formal outcome of the job review to unit HR within approximately 30 days (if applicable). Unit HR will inform the Manager of the job review outcome and discuss the appropriate communication to the employee.

Please note: It is important that the job review documentation is as detailed and complete as possible. Forms and documents lacking specific details will delay the job review process.


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