Technical-Service Job Review

How to Request Technical-Service Job Review

The principal functions of each technical-service job are contained in a job description, which serves as the basis for the establishment of the classification and evaluation of the job. Typical job descriptions reflect only the general detail considered necessary to describe the principal functions of the given job and it cannot be expected that a job description cover every detailed duty.

Each technical-service job is evaluated based on its minimum requirements, as well as the degree of skill, effort, responsibility, and job conditions required. Jobs are rated without considering the qualifications of the employee performing the job and the wage rate being paid.

The following request forms should be completed when either of the following has occurred:


Managers are responsible for completing the appropriate request form and consulting with their unit HR to initiate a review. It is important that the request forms are completed as detailed as possible. Forms lacking sufficient detail will delay the job review process.

The job review process consists of various meetings between the Compensation & Classification Analyst, unit HR, unit management, and the employee (if necessary).

For more information or questions about the technical-service job review process, please contact [email protected].