What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Penn State’s EAP, provided by Health Advocate, is a free, voluntary, and confidential resource for benefit-eligible employees and their families to be used as a first line of defense for personal or work-related concerns. There are no fees for calling the EAP and there is no limit to the number of times this resource can be used. This program is available 24/7 to all benefits-eligible employees, their spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law. This benefit is available for 120 days after employment termination for the employee and eligible family members. It is also available for family members of recently deceased employees up to 120 days after the end of employment.

  • Confidential support for personal problems

    •  Works through relationship issues, stress, depression, substance abuse, and more
    • Build coping skills to manage life’s challenges and gain control of your life
  • Work/Life resources to make life easier and find balance
    • Locate childcare, eldercare, summer camps, special needs services, and relocation support
    • Easy access to legal/financial experts and information, saving you time, money, and worry.

Health Advocate makes health care easier.

Health Advocate’s experts will answer your questions and take on virtually any healthcare and administrative issue, so you get the right care at the right time.

Health Advocate offers our employees:

  • Support for every type of medical condition

    • Explains health conditions, diagnoses, and treatments
    • Arranges second opinions and transfers medical records
    • Coordinates care and services
  • Takes the hassle out of healthcare
    • Finds the right in-network doctors and makes appointments
    • Reviews medical bills to find errors or duplicate charges
    • Resolves complicated claims and billing issues

Health Advocate is accessible in two ways, via phone, 866-799-2728, and their website, healthadvocate.com.