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Tobacco Cessation

Health Advocate offers a tobacco cessation program, which provides you with 12 weeks of unlimited access to your own personal Coach, who can help you set up your own quit plan. Whether you smoke cigarettes, use smokeless tobacco or another tobacco product, you will receive professional support and a personalized plan that's right for you.  

How Does the Program Work?

The 12-week Tobacco Cessation Program consists of 8 weeks of intensive personal tobacco coaching followed by 4 weeks of maintenance.  Working with a coach has been shown to increase the likelihood that tobacco users quit and stay quit. You and your coach will have weekly calls to discuss your tobacco history, tackle your triggers, find workable solutions to curb cravings and develop a quit plan. Each week you will learn tips to help you quit, track your tobacco usage, identify your triggers and apply new healthy behaviors.

You can begin your plan by contacting your coach through phone or email. Health Advocate can be reached at 1-866-799-2728 or [email protected]

When can I call Health Advocate?

You get unlimited telephone and email support from you coach during the 12-week program.  Coaches are available Mon-Fri between 8am and 7pm.

Who is Eligible?

Employees who are eligible for benefits.

How can my Coach Help?

  • Develop a quit plan based on your triggers and cravings
  • Provide ongoing support during the 12-week program
  • Stay with you throughout the program
  • Guidance in how to use nicotine replacement therapy

Who are the Coaches?

The Coaches are trained in behavioral change, and use effective, readiness-to-change strategies. Your Coach is qualified to help guide and motivate you to become tobacco-free.

Is my Privacy Protected?

Yes. Your discussions with your Tobacco Cessation Coach are private. Your personal information is strictly confidential.

What are the Advantages of Health Advocate's Tobacco Cessation Program?

  • Helps you kick the tobacco addiction
  • Provides unlimited calls to the same coach
  • Utilizes effective, individual strategies to give up tobacco for good
  • Provides state-of-the-art tobacco cessation approaches
  • Provides ongoing reminders and tip sheets
  • Helps improve your health

How Do I Enroll?

Call Health Advocate toll-free at 1-866-799-2728. Email [email protected]. Or access Health Advocate on the web at