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2020–21 Performance Review Cycle Announced

Friday, September 25, 2020

Penn State Human Resources (HR) has announced the upcoming 2020-21 Performance Review Cycle for staff. The upcoming review cycle will begin on Oct. 1 and run through June 30, 2021. Highlighted below are the key steps in the 2020-21 process.  

This year, you will notice several changes to the process. 

The Mid-Year Check-in will be eliminated so that participants can remain focused on goal management and meeting regularly with their manager/supervisor to discuss progress and share feedback. Documenting these discussions throughout the year helps the end-of-year process flow smoothly.

The End-of-Year process will be shortened, and an Exceptions Request process will be established to help manage situations where an employee or manager/supervisor is unable to complete end-of-year activities by the deadline. Beginning in late April 2021, the Talent Management team will provide a timeline and guidance for effectively completing your end-of-year activity.

The Competency Review section in Workday will be updated to just a single evaluation statement and rating, allowing employees and managers/supervisors to evaluate competency performance holistically.

The first step of the performance review cycle – the goal setting step – will take place throughout the month of October. During this step you will review the cascading unit goals, set two to five employee goals, review individual training and update your JRW. However, individuals and managers/supervisors will not be able to enter their goals into Workday until Nov. 2. HR has created a goal-setting worksheet to support discussions and document goal development until that time. Step two of the 2020 Performance Review Cycle takes place at the beginning of November through the end of May. During that time, individuals will meet with their manager/supervisor for regular feedback conversation, discussions should be documented in Workday, and during this time goals should be edited or updated, if needed. The final and third step, final goal review, will take place during the month of June. With the final goal review step, individuals and their managers/supervisors will discuss accomplishments and determine final rating. More information will be provided throughout the performance review cycle during each step.  

Those who participate in the review process will receive an email on Oct. 1 with additional information and resources to support the start of this performance review cycle.

Performance Management Timeline