Manager Form Enhancements Coming

Manager Form Enhancement

Friday, October 18, 2019

As part of a continuing effort to increase the WorkLion user experience, during the month of November, enhancements will be made to manager forms. With these improvements, managers and their proxies will have five (5) business days to reopen a manager form inquiry after the inquiry has been closed by HR Services.

Currently, when an HR Services team member responds and completes a manager form, the inquiry is immediately closed. If the manager or proxy has further questions related to the initial inquiry, they must submit a new inquiry.
With the implementation of this enhancement, when an HR Services team member responds and completes a manager form inquiry, the inquiry will move to a “Pending Closure” status. The manager or proxy will then be asked whether the response answered their inquiry, or if further clarification is needed. Once a manager form inquiry is in “Pending Closure” status, the submitter will have five (5) business days to request additional information or confirm closure of the inquiry. If no action is taken, the inquiry will automatically close after the five-day period.

This enhancement, which was added to general request inquiries last year, will enable better communication between managers (or manager proxies) and HR Services. In addition, it will eliminate the creation of multiple inquiries related to the same manager form.  

For additional information on managing inquiries, see the article “Inquiry Management in WorkLion.” For release dates specific to each manager form, see the article “WorkLion Enhancement Release.” Release dates will be listed as they are scheduled.