Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards

Nominations Open for Faculty & Staff Achievement Awards

Friday, September 13, 2019

Penn State Human Resources is now accepting nominations for the Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards (FSAA) for 2020. The achievement awards, given annually, recognize the efforts of faculty and staff who go beyond their basic duties to bring about positive and lasting change to the University and/or to the community.

A brief overview of the six awards that comprise the FSAA are the following:

  • The Barash Award for Human Service
    This award recognizes a full-time member of the faculty, staff, or student body at the University Park Campus who contributes to human causes, public service activities and organization, or the welfare of fellow humans.


  • The McKay Donkin Award
    This award recognizes a full-time faculty, staff, or retiree for contributions to the economic, physical, mental, or social welfare of the faculty of the University.


  • The Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award
    This award recognizes a full-time faculty or staff member, with at least two years of active University service, who promotes the concept of equal opportunity through affirmative action and contributes to the improvement of cross-cultural understanding.


  • The Award for Administrative Excellence
    This award recognizes a staff member for their performance and achievements that would exemplify administrative excellence.


  • The Staff Excellence Award
    This award recognizes the consistently outstanding performance of a staff member who demonstrates ongoing quality improvement, team spirit, and excellence.


  • The Support Staff Award
    This award recognizes high quality performance of a full-time, non-exempt staff member with a minimum of five years of active University service.

To learn more about each award mentioned above or submit a nomination, visit the FSAA website.

Once a nomination is submitted, the nominator is asked to upload a letter of support (PDF required) for each nomination, and then select up to three individuals to contribute supporting documentation for the nomination. The contributing individuals will receive an email, within 2 business days of the nomination, that describes the award and the documentation needed to be submitted for the nominee.

All Penn State faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate a fellow Penn Stater for an award. The deadline for nominations and supporting documentation is Monday, November 18, 2019.