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Performance Management: Mid-Year Check-Ins

Friday, November 30, 2018

It’s that time of year when full-time staff and their managers are to complete the second step of the performance management cycle, mid-year check-in. On Monday, December 3, this action will be available in Workday and should be completed by mid-January. To help staff and managers complete this step, there are resources and trainings available at Step 2: Mid-Year Check-In. This is a great opportunity to review progress of annual goals and adjust them if necessary. This is meant to be a brief conversation which is documented in Workday. To begin this process, staff employees will find a self-evaluation mid-year check-in in their Workday inbox.


All full-time staff and managers should be finished with setting goals and expectations for 2018-2019. If this step is not completed, staff and managers are required to complete this before completing the mid-year check-in.