Workday Recruiting

Workday Recruiting on target to launch March 23

Friday, January 17, 2020

Did you know, on any given day, Penn State has 2,000 or more open positions? Workday Recruiting is designed to identify and hire internal and external candidates, engage candidates throughout their experience, and streamline recruiting processes. This technology introduces self-service capabilities that are expected to be leveraged in future Workday developments. By replacing the current Electronic Job Management System (EJMS)*, Workday Recruiting will enable the University to move toward a more strategic approach to talent acquisition.

While more information will be forthcoming between now and go-live on Monday, March 23, the anticipated benefits for the University are the following:

Candidate Benefits

  • Updated career site that is visually appealing and organized, allowing for easy search of academic, staff, tech service, and student jobs
  • Greater ability to filter and sort open positions
  • More notifications and information regarding status of candidacy throughout the process

Hiring Manager/Admin Support Benefits

  • Access and visibility from start to finish
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry
  • User-friendly dashboard with information on open positions, candidate pools, and statuses
  • Approvals moved earlier in the process to expedite job offers
  • Copy functionality to ease creation of job postings/requisitions

As the executive sponsor for this project, Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer, Lorraine Goffe, is pleased with the organization and fast pace of the Workday project. She shares, “All teams involved are highly energized and motivated to ensure a successful implementation for the University. This is the first significant step of a number of strategic initiatives surrounding talent acquisition at Penn State, and we are encouraged about the enhanced experience that we anticipate candidates and hiring managers will have.”

To ensure successful implementation, the Workday Recruiting training team is developing specific role-based training plans. The goal is to deliver a blended training approach including in-person training at both University Park and select regional campuses, web-based instructor-led sessions through Zoom, on-demand videos and print resources. Dates, times and locations for training will be coming in late January.

To stay up to date with the Workday Recruiting project, visit the Workday Recruiting website for information on dates, training material, and frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, contact your Human Resource Strategic Partner (HRSP) or Consultants (HRCs), who are driving communications and resources to help navigate the change.

*EJMS will still be used for the University’s technical service internal bidding process.