Consulting Services

Consulting Services offers a wide range of assessment and performance improvement strategies for departmental staff operations at Penn State. As an internal consulting group, we specialize in providing an independent, objective analysis of your unit’s work processes, staff utilization, and organizational structure which you can blend into your overall improvement efforts.  

Each project is tailored to meet your unit’s specific objectives and timeline. We strive to be low-impact on your daily operations in order to minimize disruptions and allow you to focus on positive change. During the assessment process we seek to engage, to the maximum extent possible, work unit staff, stakeholders, and customers. This key aspect of our assessment process allows you to get a true 360 degree perspective on the challenges, expectations, and best practices of your organization.

Since the 1960's, formerly as Management Engineering, Consulting Services specializes in providing time-proven analytical services to academic and administrative units of the University. Let us partner with you to help build a foundation for your organization that will allow your staff to not only meet the challenges of today, but also into the future.

For additional details, contact or (814) 865-1473.

Work Activity Assessments

We can provide an objective analysis of the work activities performed by your unit. Along with focusing on your specific concerns, we can address issues such as:

  • Workload Distribution
  • Work Process Flow
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Organizational Assistance

We will also provide quantitative measurements for the cost and time of major work functions performed by your unit.

Staffing Analysis

In many cases recurring work can be quantified using a wide range of measurement techniques. We can develop labor standards which can be used to determine staffing levels and schedules for these types of activities.

Process Improvement 

We can partner with your staff to apply improvement techniques to work processes in your unit. We provide facilitation, data collection, and quantitative analysis skills to allow for process improvement efforts in your work unit. We have experience with helping units streamline, simplify, and re-engineer core work processes. We review all process factors, including work space layout and equipment needs to provide a comprehensive recommendation to your day-to-day operating needs. This type of assistance is especially helpful when a unit is looking to apply new technology to a current process.

Cost/Benefits Analysis

We can assist you in developing an estimated cost impact of a proposed solution, technology application or organizational change. Calculating the true costs of implementation can assist your department in making data-supported decisions.

Analytical Advising and Survey Consulting

Many organizations have the desire and resources to perform their own analyses, but need some technical advice on the data collection methods or interpretation of results. We have experience in survey design and survey data analysis techniques, to assist you in collecting customer satisfaction or workforce climate information.

Customer Service Consulting

For units interested in enhancing customer service, we offer a broad range of consulting, training, and support services. Whether you want to attract more customers or transform your customer service culture, we can assist you in defining or re-defining your unit’s customer service vision.