End-of-Year Review in Workday (Employees)

Purpose of Performance Review

The Penn State Performance Management process is a year-long cycle which includes a goal setting period, a mid-year check in, and an end-of-year review.

Step 3: End of Year Review

Get Additional Manager Feedback

  1. First, navigate to your Workday Inbox.
  2. Open the Get Additional Manager Feedback inbox item.
  3. Enter the additional manager that you would like to invite to provide comments on your overall performance for the year, if applicable. Click Submit.

If not applicable, skip this action. To skip the action, click on the gear icon located on the top right corner of the page and click Skip This Task. Click Done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not receive your self-evaluation in your Workday inbox until you have finished the Get Additional Manager Feedback task.

Step 3: End of Year Review


  1. First, navigate to your Workday Inbox.
  2. Open the Self-Evaluation Step 3 inbox item.
  3. Click on the ‘Go to Guided Editor’ button.
  4. Add and evaluate goals
  5. To add goals, click the Add button and enter your goals and metrics for success.
  6. Choose Annual Performance Goal (Staff) as the Category.
  7. Enter your target date to be within the performance review year.
  8. Choose a Status.
  9. Evaluate the goal and add comments if you wish
  10. To add an additional goal, click the Add button and complete the steps above.
  11. Once all goals have been added and evaluate, click Next.
  12. Review and evaluate competencies. Click Next.
  13. Review and answer Ethics & Compliance Statements. Click Next.
  14. Provide an overall rating for your 2017-18 performance. Click Next.
  15. Attach Evaluation Supporting Documentation, if desired. Click Next.
  16. Review Summary Page and click Submit. A confirmation displays.
  17. Click Done

Step 3: End of Year Review


This will appear in your Inbox once your primary manager completes their acknowledgment.

  1. Navigate to your Inbox.
  2. Open the Manager Evaluation Step 3 End Of Year Review.
  3. Open the Employee Acknowledgment and Acknowledge the Status.
  4. Enter any final comments.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. A confirmation displays. Click Done.