End-of-Year Review in Workday (Managers)

Purpose of Performance Review

Penn State Performance Management is a year-long process used by Managers to review and approve goals set by Employees and to evaluate Employee progress. There is a goal setting period, a mid-year check in, and an end-of year-review. When an Employee submits their Self-Evaluation, it routes to the Employee’s Manager.

Step 3: Manager Evaluation - End of Year Review

  1. First, navigate to your Inbox.
  2. Open the Get Additional Manager Evaluation inbox task. Select an additional manager from the drop-down menu, or enter a name. The additional manager will be able to provide comments on the Employee’s overall performance for the year. This action can be skipped. To skip the action, click on the gear icon located on the top right corner of the page, click on ‘Skip This Task’ and submit
  3. Once you complete the Get Additional Manager Evaluation task, you will receive the Manager Evaluation Step 3 inbox task.
  4. Click on the ‘Go to Guided Editor’ button.
  5. Steps to complete the process will be displayed. Follow all directions provided to review and comment on Employee Goals, Competencies, Penn State Ethics & Compliance Statements, provide Overall feedback, and attach Supporting Documents, if desired.
    • Note: you must enter a rating for every goal and competency, answer the Penn State Ethics and Compliance Statements and provide an overall rating.
  6. When complete, a Review Summary Page will display. Review and click Submit. A confirmation displays.
  7. Click Done

Step 3: End of Year Review


This will appear in your Inbox once you complete your employee’s Performance Review.

  1. Navigate to your Inbox.
  2. Open the Manager Evaluation Step 3 End Of Year Review.
  3. Open the Manager Acknowledgment and Acknowledge the Status.
  4. Enter any final comments.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. A confirmation displays. Click Done.