Workday Mobile App

Penn State offers employees a resource you can use in the palm of your hand, on the go, and just about anywhere you receive a signal. Employees of the University now have the option to perform many of the popular self-service tasks of the Workday desktop application with the convenient and time-saving Workday Mobile App. Access the Workday Mobile App, via two options. Click on the headings below to view instructions.

Downloading the Mobile App

1. Penn State Go 

1. Open the Penn State Go app.  
2. Scroll down to the Resources and Services section.  

(Note: Your App Experience must be set to Faculty and Staff to see the Workday option. Directions for changing your experience are provided at the bottom of this article.) 

3. Click on the Workday icon.  
4. Choose an option from the 2 provided to you: 

a. Browser window from within the Penn State Go app 
b. Workday Mobile app 

If you choose the browser window option, you do not need to proceed with the app installation process below.

5. If you selected the Workday mobile app option, you will be taken to the application store for your mobile device. Download the app from your mobile device’s app store.

For Apple users

For Android users

6. Open the mobile app on your device.
7. In the Enter or Scan Your Organization ID field, type in psu. Then, click the Find Your Organization ID arrow.  
8. Log in to the mobile application using Web Access.

Note: You may also choose to click the QR code button. You can find the scannable QR code by navigating to Workday on your computer. Click on the Cloud icon in the top right-hand corner of the Workday screen, select My Account, and then Organization ID. Scan the QR code that appears in the dialog box. (You will be able to access your Org ID and QR code here at all times.)

2. Download the Workday Mobile App from your device's app store.

For Apple users

For Android users

Changing to the Faculty and Staff App Experience

1. In the top right-hand corner of the Penn State Go app, click on the profile (head) icon.
2. In the menu that appears, click on the My App Experience: XXXX Tap to change experience option. 
3. There are 2 headings: Students & Faculty and Staff. Under Faculty & Staff, click on the All Campuses button.
4. When you return to the Penn State Go app homepage, the Faculty & Staff heading will be at the top of the app now.

Workday Mobile App Features

Benefits* -         View benefits 
Careers -            Search for jobs and refer candidates
Dashboards* -   View Workday-delivered and custom dashboards
Inbox -                Access the inbox and complete mobile-enabled tasks.
Reports* -          View report output and generated PDF documents.
Notifications -   Receive mobile push notifications.
Org Chart -         View organization charts and metrics.
Pay Slips -          View pay slips
Team -                 View team details 
Time Tracking - Enter time, check in or out, and view schedules
Time Off -           View balances, request time off, correct time off

* While available on the mobile app, this information is better viewed via the web-based version

Web version vs. Mobile App

Are you looking for more robust business processes and the ability to utilize the full suite of capabilities within Workday? Then the Workday website version is the best option for you. Use of the Workday Mobile App is optional and includes a streamlined set of features and functionality.  


Please contact Penn State IT if any technical issues arise while downloading, installing, or authenticating. For questions regarding Workday data or processes, please contact HR Services at 814.865.1473 or via the WorkLion portal.