HR Strategic Plan

Penn State Human Resources (HR) is implementing its 2021-2025 strategic plan, aimed at providing innovative solutions and exceptional service. With the HR Transformation concluded and subsequent years of advancement and improvements complete, HR will be guided by a new development model - the HR Evolution. While the HR Transformation was about designing and implementing a comprehensive HR function, the HR Evolution advances a new mission and vision within each functional team of the unit, guided by five overarching goals: organizational effectiveness, engaging and rewarding, developing and retaining, recruiting and acquiring, and diversity, inclusion, and belonging. HR’s mission and vision frames the entirety of the strategic plan, giving each goal, objective, and action item significance and purpose. 

Based on an interconnected set of strategic priorities laid out by HR leaders over the past two years, the new strategic plan presents a complete view of HR’s areas of focus for the next five years and acts as a roadmap for the achievement of each goal. By making strategic improvements across all areas of HR, the team’s collective goal of becoming a world-class HR function comes into greater focus. Read HR’s strategic plan.