Dental Insurance


Full-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are eligible to enroll in the Penn State Dental Plan. For information about spouse and dependent children eligibility, please see Dependent Eligibility.

Part-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are not eligible to participate in the Penn State Dental Plan.

Postdoctoral appointees: As per postdoctoral eligibility, postdoctoral appointees are eligible to participate in the graduate student insurance dental plan and follow that plan premium schedule. For additional information regarding the benefits available to postdoctoral appointees, please contact or visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

If you or your dependents are no longer eligible for the dental plan, information will be mailed from Lifetime Benefit Solutions regarding continuing coverage under COBRA. Additional information regarding COBRA benefits can be found on our COBRA website.

Plan Details

Penn State’s dental plan, administered by United Concordia (UCCI), offers you the option to select any dentist of your choice, in or out of the network, however, when you use a UCCI network provider (search using the "Advantage Plus" network), you receive the highest level of benefits and are not responsible for amounts in excess of the contracted allowance.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Preventive dental exams, including bitewing x-rays and fluoride treatments for children, are covered at 100%
  • Basic services such as extractions, oral surgery, and periodontics are covered at 80%
  • Major services such as inlays, on-lays, crowns, bridges, and implants are covered at 60% when you use a UCCI in-network dentist.
  • A deductible for non-preventive services: $50 individual/$150 other coverage levels. 
  • The yearly maximum per person is $1,500 for basic and major services. Orthodontia services are available for both adults and children up to $1,500 per lifetime, per person.
2023 Faculty/Staff Premiums
Coverage Monthly
Individual $5.23
Family $17.86
2023 Technical Service Premiums
(No in-network deductible for tier 2 services)
Coverage Biweekly
Individual (BASIC) $2.68
Family (BASIC) $9.15
Individual (PLUS) $5.62
Family (PLUS) $16.88

Technical Service buy up program dental coverages.

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