Non Medicare Highmark Blue Shield

You have the choice of either the Lion Advantage plan or the Lion Traditional plan. You may choose to keep the same plan in which you are currently enrolled into retirement, or you have the ability to switch plans at the time you retire. Note: If you are switching medical plans upon retirement, any prior deductible or coinsurance amounts WILL NOT transfer to your new plan enrollment.

As long as you, the retiree, are not eligible for Medicare, you could participate in the Lion Advantage plan with the Health Savings Account (HSA). Your contributions to the HSA as a retiree will be made through the HSA vendor website. The tax savings would be accounted for on your taxes and should be discussed with your tax advisor.

If you want to remain in the same plan in which you are currently enrolled as a non-Medicare eligible retiree, you do not need take any action when you retire.

If you want to change plans or your coverage level when you retire, you will need to complete a Retiree Request for Change Form prior to your retirement.

FOR PLANNING PURPOSES UPON RETIREMENT: You will remain in the active employee medical plan through the end of the month in which you retire. Upon the effective date, your information will be electronically sent to the Highmark.

You will receive new ID cards from Highmark. You may also call Highmark to obtain your new ID information should you need services before you receive your new cards. Your active employee ID card will no longer be valid. Please plan accordingly for prescriptions you are taking and try to refill them before the 1st of the month.