Manager Onboarding Checklist

Prior to Day 1

Set up employee work station, including phone, computer, and office supplies.

Send new employee a welcome email and indicate where and when to arrive on the first day, and review dress code.

Send departmental email announcement.

If compliance training is required prior to start, check in with new employee to ensure this has been completed.

Make sure your schedule is clear to spend time with your new employee on the first day, and set up a welcome lunch with the team.

Make welcome sign for employee’s new work space.

Make arrangements for IT to meet with new employee early in the day to assist with log-in, shared folders, email, etc.

Day 1

Be sure to be there to greet your new employee.

Provide a tour of the office and make introductions to the other staff.

Meet with employee to review basic department policies and expectations, such as call-off procedures, attendance submission, and schedule.

Take new employee to lunch (refer to unit-specific practices and policies).

Review job description and duties.

Day 2 and Beyond

Remind employee to complete new employee orientation and enroll in benefits.

Meet to discuss goals and performance evaluation schedule.

Set up regular check-in meetings.

Follow up to ensure that all required compliance trainings are completed.