Personal Leave

If you find it necessary, you may request a leave of absence for personal reasons. The leave may be granted if it is determined to be at the convenience of the University in the judgment of the dean or administrative officer. Personal leaves of absence may be used in excess of FMLA or for reasons other than illness, maternity, or FMLA. All accrued time off, other than sick hours, must be exhausted prior to the unpaid leave of absence.  

Length of Leave

A leave is granted for a specific period of time to begin on a date specified by the University.

A leave of absence without salary for personal reasons will not normally exceed 12 consecutive calendar months.

Continuation of Benefits 

Your costs for insurances during a leave of absence without salary will be the entire cost (employee and University costs) unless the absence is for sickness, maternity, family care as specified in HRG 11, or formal study.  

A decision not to continue the insurances may be considered a break in continuous benefits participation and may have an adverse effect on your eligibility to continue the insurances after retirement (see HR 54). If you elect not to continue membership in your benefits while on leave without pay, contact the Employee Benefits Office to discuss if you will be required to meet any qualification requirements imposed by the plan (e.g., waiting period).

Contributions to Retirement Plans

If you are on a leave of absence without salary, you will not be eligible to contribute or receive credit in any retirement plan unless you are a member of, and make private arrangements to contribute to, TIAA. 

Eligibility for Education Privileges

Grants-in-aid are not available for you, or your dependents, during personal leaves of absence without pay. 

Additional Information

While on a personal leave of absence without pay:

  • You will receive service credit for the purpose of increasing your vacation accumulation rate.
  • You will not accumulate any additional vacation or sick leave unless you are paid for enough days in any calendar month to qualify.
  • You will not be paid for holidays that occur during the leave.
  • You will retain paid sick leave; however, paid sick leave may not be used during a leave of absence.

Return to Service

If conditions are the same at the end of the leave of absence as they were when the leave began, you will be expected to return to active service. If you do not return at the end of the leave of absence, your employment will be terminated and all benefits of the leave of absence without salary will end.

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