Airport Attendant - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Campus Operations 

JOB CODE: 8501-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Airport Attendants fuel aircraft, conduct fuel contaminant testing, and maintain a fuel and oil inventory. Attendants also provide snow removal and aircraft de-icing services; make weather, traffic, and field condition notification; signal, tow, and moor aircraft; load and unload cargo; operate and maintain line-service vehicles and support equipment; conduct airfield and airport safety and security inspections; and maintain airport and airfield grounds and facilities. 


  • Signal taxiing aircraft; tow, wing-walk, moor aircraft; provide baggage handling, cleaning and lavatory services, potable water replenishment, catering delivery, air stairs, and other services 
  • Inspect and operate fuel farm, fuel-service vehicles, and standing fuel pump; test for contaminates; fuel aircraft managing fuel distribution; perform hot fueling operations as required; mix additives with fuel as directed; change fuel filters; check and add oil 
  • Operate Unicom system to relay current weather status, provide information regarding traffic and field conditions, identify runway in common use, etc. Record traffic counts on aircraft traffic log. Communicate with airport traffic control tower and monitor New York Center as required 
  • Operate snow removal, de-icing, and other university vehicles and equipment; test runways for breaking action 
  • Conduct airport, airfield, runway, and taxiway safety, and security inspections; flag areas and initiate corrective action; make security/unsafe condition notifications; assist in responding to emergencies 
  • Paint, maintain, and or repair airport facilities, airfield runways, ramps, taxi areas, and in-line service vehicle and support equipment; assist with aircraft repairs 
  • Open and close airport facilities; perform general office, reception, and sales counter tasks 
  • Maintain airport facilities in a clean and habitable condition; operate powered floor equipment; clean/wash/wax aircraft and in-line service vehicles