Automotive/Equipment Mechanic - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Maintenance and Trades 

JOB CODE: 8537-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Service automobiles, buses, trucks, campus equipment, and other automotive or utility vehicles. Complete a wide scope of engine repairs and/or body work to vehicles and equipment. May lubricate vehicle, change motor oil, or replace lights or other accessories, such as windshield wiper blades or fan belts. 


  • Service and repair automobiles, trucks, lawn and landscape equipment, etc.  
  • Locate problems; troubleshoot; perform needed repairs. Select and order necessary replacement parts or assemblies 
  • Remove, disassemble, repair, reassemble, reinstall, test, and adjust equipment and/or component parts such as gasoline and automobile diesel engines, standard and automatic transmissions, alternators, and generators, carburetors, electrical systems, drive shafts and differentials, brake systems, emission control systems, etc. 
  • Perform maintenance and repair operations such as cleaning, regapping, or replacing spark plugs, testing compression by gauge, setting timing, adjusting carburetor, cleaning and/or replacing filters, adjusting belts, etc. 
  • Perform miscellaneous repairs on items such as lights and wiring, flat tires, broken oil lines, exhaust system replacement, fuel line/pump; straighten and adjust linkage, arms, shield, etc. 
  • Operate various pieces of testing and repair equipment, such as analyzer, wheel aligners, wheel balancers, other equipment necessary to determine extent, and repair vehicles 
  • Repair damaged bodies and parts of vehicles; straighten dents; remove components and accessories to gain access to body parts needing repairs; fill depressions with solder, lead, or other plastic materials; file, grind and sand repaired surfaces using power and hand tools 
  • Refinish repaired surface by priming and smoothing; mix paints to match according to prescribed formulas and apply 
  • Straighten bent frames using hydraulic jacks and pulling devices 

REQUIREMENTS: Valid driver`s license and successful completion of a motor vehicle records check.