Bakery Worker - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Hospitality and Food Services 

JOB CODE: 8523-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Perform a variety of duties in the Penn State Bakery ranging from supporting production operations to more advanced baking and specialty dessert creation.  


  • Perform various manual functions required in the production of all bakery products  
  • Operate bread equipment, roll equipment, scales, proof box, ovens, cookie machine, slicers, wrappers, cake depositor, fillers, pie machinery, conveyer tables, and cleaning equipment 
  • Adjust machines as necessary and process product through machine in proper sequence 
  • Follow instructions regarding scaling weights, pan types, make-up instructions, and keep count of product in various stages of production 
  • Assist more experienced and/or skilled bakers  
  • May bake products at the proper temperature for the correct length of time; regulate temperature and humidity controls on proof box; proof yeast products for correct time 
  • May mix, prepare, combine, season, and/or cook food items prepared in the bakery  
  • May decorate round, layer, and sheet cakes using a variety of cake decorating tools and icing colors; mix food coloring to produce various colors of icing to decorate cakes 
  • May scale, mix, and bake proper number and size of batches for specialty dessert products following standardized formulas and procedures; use mixers; record yields 
  • Perform duties necessary to maintain a clean and orderly bakery