Dental Insurance

If you have an urgent dental problem during the COVID-19 pandemic, United Concordia is now able to offer a solution where you can seek care from the safety of your home. Teledentistry will be covered by United Concordia during this pandemic. Please review the flyer below from United Concordia to learn how teledentistry works, apps that can be utilized for teledentistry service, and when to seek immediate care for a dental emergency. Please feel free to contact United Concordia directly at 800-423-8217 with further questions.

Teledentistry Coverage During COVID-19

Penn State's Dental Plan is administered by United Concordia (also known as UCCI). You are able to obtain a list of participating dental providers via the "Find a Dentist" feature on the UCCI website.

For additional information, you can contact UCCI directly at 800-423-8217.


Full-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are eligible to enroll in the Penn State Dental Plan. For information about spouse and dependent children eligibility, please see Dependent Eligibility.

Part-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are not eligible to participate in the Penn State Dental Plan.

Postdoctoral appointees: As per postdoctoral eligibility, postdoctoral appointees are eligible to participate in the graduate student insurance dental plan and follow that plan premium schedule. For additional information regarding the benefits available to postdoctoral appointees, please contact or visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

If you or your dependents are no longer eligible for the dental plan, information will be mailed from Lifetime Benefit Solutions regarding continuing coverage under COBRA. Additional information regarding COBRA benefits can be found on our COBRA website.

Plan Details

Penn State's dental plan, administered by United Concordia (UCCI), offers you the option to select any dentist of your choice, in- or out-of-network, however, when you use a UCCI in-network provider, you receive the highest level of benefits and are not responsible for amounts in excess of the contracted allowance.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Preventive dental exams, including bitewing x-rays and flouride treatments for children are covered at 100%
  • Basic services, such as extractions, oral surgery, and periodontics are covered at 80%
  • Major services, such as inlays, on-lays, crowns, bridges, and implants are covered at 60% when using an in-network provider
  • A deductible for non-preventive services; $50 individual / $150 for other coverage levels
  • The yearly maximum per person is $1,500 for basic and major services
  • Lifetime orthodontia benefits are available for both adult and children up to $1,500 per person

Faculty, Staff, & Technical Services Premiums

Faculty/Staff Premiums
United Concordia
Coverage Employee Monthly
Employee $5.12
Family $17.49
Technical Service Premiums
United Concordia
Coverage Employee Biweekly
Employee $2.62
Family $8.96

Additionally, brand new hires to the University will have benefit elections pro-rated based upon their hire date. If you are a current employee experiencing a job change, or an IRS qualifying life event that causes your existing coverage to change in the middle of a pay period, the regular per pay benefit deductions will occur for the full pay period in which benefit elections or changes were made.

Payroll contributions are deducted based on the year of payroll issuance. For example, the first January bi-weekly payroll will be for hours worked in the prior year, but the deductions will be taken at the new rate since the paycheck is processed in the new year.

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