Dental Insurance

Penn State's Dental Plan is administered by United Concordia (also known as UCCI). You are able to obtain a list of participating dental providers outside of Centre County via the "Find a Dentist" feature on the UCCI home page. For employees in Centre County, please use the Nittany Dental Network Providers link below under Additional Resources. For additional information, you can contact UCCI directly at 800-423-8217.

  • When you use a UCCI in-network provider, you will maximize your benefits. UCCI contracts with dental care professionals to provide quality services at a discounted rate.
  • When you use an out-of-network provider, UCCI pays a maximum allowable charge based on the in-network contracted amount. Charges that exceed the maximum allowable charges are your responsibility.


Full-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are eligible to enroll in the Penn State Dental Plan. For information about spouse and dependent children eligibility, please see Dependent Eligibility.

Part-time faculty, staff, and technical service members are not eligible to participate in the Penn State Dental Plan.

Postdoctoral appointments: As per postdoctoral eligibility, the per-pay contribution rates follow the same premium schedule as the graduate student insurance dental benefits. For additional information regarding the benefits available to postdoctoral scholars, please contact or visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

If you or your dependents are no longer eligible for the dental plan, information will be mailed from Lifetime Benefit Solutions regarding continuing coverage under COBRA. Additional information regarding COBRA benefits can be found on our COBRA website.

Faculty, Staff, & Technical Services Premiums

2019 Premiums
United Concordia
Coverage Employee Biweekly Employee Monthly
Employee $2.27 $4.91
Family $7.75 $16.79

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