Child Care Subsidy Application Timeline

Due to the constant changes during the time of COVID-19 we are unable to give you an exact timeline for applications. At this time the application form has been uploaded to the website. Please work with you childcare provider to determine when they will reopen and how soon your child can begin enrollment.

  • Pell Grant recipients, Veterans, and 1st generation college students are granted funding priority.
  • Application and all required documents must be received to begin consideration (no screen shots please!)
  • If you are a returning or past subsidy award recipient, you must submit a current application and all required documentation each semester.
  • Application review will not begin until the review period indicated above.
  • Tuition Bill for Spring 2019 will need to be submitted as soon as you get notification from the Bursar’s Office. Please submit application and the rest of the materials by the deadline.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your materials (and any additional materials requested) via [email protected].

If submitting your application for the current semester after the above indicated deadline, know that you are not guaranteed funding and your application/documentation will be reviewed based on current funding availability.