Horticulture/Greenhouse Worker - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service
JOB FAMILY: Research Support
JOB CODE: 8564-0001


Horticulture/Greenhouse Workers provide day-to-day plant care, ensuring that plants receive correct levels of water, nutrients, light level, etc.. Workers also assist with project set-up, data collection, insect/disease management, and equipment maintenance.


  • Provide daily care to greenhouse and nursery plants to include, planting, transplanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, controlling insects and disease, ventilating, and controlling weeds; manage plant nutrient levels
  • Maintain each greenhouse room at the appropriate temperature, humidity, and light level
  • Inspect plant material for disease and insect problems, light levels, temperature and humidity, nutrient requirements, and mechanical damage
  • Record data and maintain records; notify supervisor or project leader of irregularities
  • Spray, dust, shade, and fumigate crops
  • Prepare proper soil mixes as designated by supervisor or project leader
  • Move materials such as soil, stone, soil mixes, concrete, fertilizers, growth chambers, etc.
  • Perform routine maintenance on and modifications to a variety of greenhouse and nursery equipment; maintain irrigation systems
  • May set up, adjust, and maintain electrical devices such as irrigation control units, greenhouse control units, mist control units, and horticultural cooler
  • Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition

REQUIREMENTS: May require Pennsylvania Certified Applicator’s License