Creamery Attendant - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Campus Operations 

JOB CODE: 8545-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Perform Creamery storeroom operations such as interacting with customers, preparing items to order, maintaining self-service areas, and cleaning functions.    


  • Take orders from customers and dispense products; dip ice cream into cones and dishes; make milkshakes, etc. 
  • Operate and clean equipment such as beverage mixers, slicers, blenders, coffeemaker, etc. 
  • Prepare products for sale, display, or shipping; slice, cut, and wrap cheese; package ice cream and cheese boxes; operate saw to cut dry ice; weigh dry ice following proper guidelines 
  • Ensure that sanitary techniques are used in preparation, handling, and storage of food items 
  • Check and monitor temperatures of display cases on a defined schedule  
  • Replenish and rotate stock in merchandiser displays and on food bars to maintain quality and freshness; mark prices on merchandise  
  • Operate cash register and make change as required 
  • Assist in stock handling, packing, lifting, and moving products, supplies, and materials 
  • Check all equipment daily to ensure proper working conditions and cleanliness; report any malfunctions to Supervisor 
  • Maintain quality, freshness and cleanliness of food bars, condiments, and the areas in which they are served; check products to ensure they meet established standards of appearance, quality, and portion size; replace all products that do not meet standards 
  • Assist in various rooms in the Creamery, as needed, such as cleaning and packing milk crates; operate and clean dishwashing machine 
  • Clean, sweep, mop, and vacuum assigned areas following daily and weekly cleaning schedules 
  • Collect and remove refuse, garbage, etc., to designated locations 
  • Report items needing maintenance to Supervisor