Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave provides a leave of absence with pay for purposes of intensive study or research to increase future contribution to the University. A sabbatical is a privilege which may be granted to individuals who have demonstrated by publication, teaching, exhibition or performance an above average ability in scholarship, research, or other creative accomplishment. 


To be considered for a sabbatical leave you must first meet the eligibility requirements outlined in AC17: Sabbatical Leave.


The application should be accompanied by a detailed proposal specifying the project to be undertaken, the results to be expected and the way in which the leave will benefit the individual's capacity to serve the University. The application is forwarded with the department head's recommendation to the dean. 

Leave of Absence with Pay Application (Sabbatical)

Review Process

A sabbatical leave review committee in each college reviews the applications and submits its recommendations to the dean. The dean considers the recommendations and weighs the fiscal and academic load responsibilities of the unit. Final approval for sabbatical leaves is made by the President, after recommendation by the executive vice president and provost of the University. 

Continuation of Salary

A leave with salary may be granted for a maximum of one contract year. Various salary options are available dependent upon the length of the leave. Some examples include:

Continuation of Salary
Leaves as % of Contract Year % of Pay During Leave
100% 67%
80% 80%
50% 100%

Continuation of Benefits 

If you are granted a sabbatical leave, you can continue your membership in the University insurances in which you were enrolled. You will also be required to contribute to the retirement plan in which you were enrolled prior to your sabbatical leave; the amount you contribute will be based on your full salary. If you were eligible for education privileges, you will retain those privileges for both you and your dependents.

Return to Service

If you are granted a sabbatical leave, you will be required to return for a full contract year of service following the sabbatical leave. If you do not return, or do not remain for the full contract year following the sabbatical leave, will be required to refund the salary received from the University during the sabbatical leave. You will also be required to submit a report of work accomplished, which indicates how the experience improved your capacity to serve the University, within two months of your return from sabbatical leave.   

Sabbatical leave guidelines may be obtained from your department head, dean, or director of academic affairs. 

For more details, please see AC17: Sabbatical Leave.