AblePay is a unique, NO-COST, program that provides savings and flexible payment terms on out-of-pocket medical expenses. You simply sign-up for the AblePay program and use your AblePay card when seeking medical services with select providers. AblePay also provides an educational resource website for Penn State employees.

How to Enroll

  1. Visit the website and click “Enroll Now” or use the link:
  2. Enter your demographic Information and list “Penn State University” your employer.
  3. Add your family members that you’ll be responsible for (they can have a different insurance plan)
  4. Add your default payment term and payment method(s)
  5. Receive your AblePay card in the mail and keep with insurance card

AblePay provides:

Savings – Members save up to 13% on medical expenses not covered by their health insurance plan (deductibles, copays, coinsurance, etc.)
Flexibility – Everyone has different needs, therefore AblePay has flexible payment terms options and can accept ACH transactions
Convenience – Bills can be stored in your AblePay portal for direct payment at the click of a button
Advocacy – Experts available to help with billing questions or payment prior to or after medical care

Payment Terms and Savings Examples
1 pay = 13% Bank ACH or 10% Credit/Debit Card

3 pays = 10% Bank ACH or 7% Credit/Debit Card

6 pays = 8% Bank ACH or 5% Credit/Debit Card

12 pays = 0% Bank ACH or Credit/Debit Card (but, NO INTEREST!)

Please visit to or call (484) 292-4000 to learn more.