Full-Time Staff Job Catalog

Penn State’s new full-time staff job catalog and leveling matrix is now available for preview and will be fully implemented later in 2023. Until the new catalog is implemented, please refer to the current list of full-time staff jobs.

Penn State’s updated full-time staff job profiles are designed to reflect the current job market and facilitate Penn State’s goal of attracting and retaining talent. Updates related to job profiles include modernized job architecture – the overarching framework that defines Penn State’s jobs and how they relate to one another – and new, more descriptive job levels. 

Job and Career Architecture

All full-time staff job profiles are organized into overarching job family groups, with each group containing one or more individual job families. A job profile combined with a specific job level results in an individual position. 

Career Architecture

Job Levels

Full-time staff job levels fall under four main categories: support, professional, supervisor, and manager. Within these four categories are individual levels that are applied to job profiles. Each job profile has one or more possible level associated with it depending on the content of each job. Please note, job profiles may have a limited number of job levels associated with them.

"chart showing four job levels, including support, professional, supervisor, and manager. Below support is listed support, intermediate support, and senior support. Below professional is listed professional, intermediate professional, advanced professional, senior professional, and principal professional. Below supervisor is listed supervisor and senior supervisor. Below manager is listed manager, senior manager, and principal manager."