Black History Month

February is celebrated as Black History Month, and offers many opportunities to honor and celebrate the legacy and contributions of Black and African Americans and elevate their voices and experiences as part of the American experience. This year’s Black History Month theme of African Americans and the Arts aims to highlight the many important and varied contributions of those of African descent to the arts. At Penn State, Black and African American students, faculty, staff, and alumni have a rich history of shaping not only our institution and experiences, but also inspiring and empowering all our communities within and beyond. Black History Month is a special time to explore these contributions, as captured in the timeline-based website, African American Chronicles, Black History at Penn State, created by Penn State alum, Darryl B. Daisey, ‘83. Locally and nationally, our governments, educational institutions and diverse organizations use the commemoration of Black History Month for reflection and action that can catalyze and inform our year-round engagement.

What we can do: