Equipment, Technology, & Supplies

Laptop Computer

Workspace Recommendations and Equipment

Employees utilizing a flexible work arrangement are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workspace with adequate privacy and security necessary to effectively do their work in accordance with University policy. Remote workspaces must provide sufficient internet speeds for communication and work responsibilities.​

The University will not provide office furniture, internet service, printers or scanners. Additionally, the University will not provide reimbursement for electricity, phone, internet, or office supplies.

Employees will be provided one set of computer technology consistent with a university workspace configuration that can be located in their University workspace or home workspace. These tools may include the following:

  • Laptop with integrated camera (or desktop if needed)​
  • Docking Station​
  • Monitor(s) consistent with full in-person workstation provision
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • Headset with microphone (if needed)​
  • Webcam (if needed for desktop computer configuration)​

Additional tools recommended for all staff members regardless of their work arrangements include:

  • Pens
  • Planner
  • Notepads
  • Folders
  • Laptop case
  • Ergonomic wrist rests (keyboard and mousepad)

In the event a staff member’s role requires more than these basic items, units are encouraged to set additional standards that can be applied locally.

Reassignment and Shared Space

An employee who is approved for a flexible work arrangement may be re-assigned to a new office at their University workspace or may be required to share an office or cubicle with another employee.

Lion Surplus

Lion Surplus is a store that handles the removal and re-sale of University-owned equipment in environmentally responsible ways, through sales, bids, and auctions. The store is open to students, faculty, staff, and the public.