Employee Curriculum

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The curriculum has been designed to be efficient with your time, while providing important and necessary information to create a welcoming and inclusive space at Penn State. It is divided into three (3) separate tracks with unique learning objectives that build on each other. Every year, our faculty and staff will be asked to complete a new track which includes three (3) required courses, one (1) elective, and some optional reading materials.

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Track 1: Recognizing the Importance of Inclusion in the Workplace

90 Minutes

Your journey through BUILD @ Penn State begins with Track 1, Recognizing the Importance of Inclusion in the Workplace, where you will begin to gain an awareness of and build empa-thy toward issues of difference. The goal of this track is to create a common understanding of what diversity is, and set expectations for what’s to come.

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Track 2: Adopting an Inclusion Mindset at Work

90 Minutes

Adopting an Inclusion Mindset at Work, Track 2 of your journey through the BUILD @ Penn State, expands on the information shared in Track 1 and begins to offer you the tools needed to create an inclusive culture and change behaviors at work. We will move beyond awareness to provide a deeper understanding of working with people who are diverse.

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Track 3: Skills for Building a Culture of Inclusion

90 Minutes

Track 3 of the BUILD @ Penn State initiative, Skills for Building a Culture of Inclusion encourages you to move beyond awareness and discussion to action. By building the skills needed to engage in conversations on diversity, we hope to see you become an advocate and leader in this work.