Talent Management Organizational Change Consulting Services provides targeted change management consultation services from the initial start-up phase of a change management process through full implementation. Using data from assessments and surveys, Talent Management can help guide and support the change project from preparation through implementation.

Talent Management OCCS  is focused on the people-side of change in two people-specific areas: training and coaching, as well as change implementation pulse surveys to gauge change readiness and change impact. These services provide support that is crucial to the success of the change implementation and are intended to complement the unit’s change implementation activities.

The best time to reach out to Talent Management OCCS is several months before the decision to implement a change project is made. Investing in change training and coaching early in the process lays the groundwork for ongoing support during the change implementation as well as preparing and positioning managers and leaders to move effectively through the change event. 

Partnering with OCCS is a three-step conversation:

Step 1: Conduct Needs Assessment

Needs assessment discussions will be scheduled with the project manager, unit managers, leadership and others who are involved in implementing the change. Following the needs assessment discussion, OCCS will meet with the project manager (and change management specialists if the project is supported by a change management team) to ensure there is a clear understanding of the project, the purpose and scope of OCCS support during change implementation. Based on these discussions, OCCS will develop recommendations on how best to support the change project team.

Depending on the scope of the recommendations, there may be associated costs that include data analysis, and development and implementation of training and coaching activities.

Step 2: Recommendations

Based on the needs assessment of the change project and the change implementation team, OCCS will develop recommendations for how we can support the change event. The recommendations typically include some combination of the following: 

Evaluation of Change Readiness and Impact of Change

  • Prosci® ADKAR® Assessments and Pulse Surveys to stakeholders, leaders and end users to determine readiness for change, the impact of the change and identify resistance to change.
  • Prosci® Resistance Assessments to identify resistance and support the development and implementation of a Resistance Management Plan 

Individual, Group or Team Change Assessments 

These assessments provide insight into how individuals manage or react to change and can be helpful in determining support and resources needed when preparing for change, as well as insight during change implementation especially when developing a Resistance Management Plan.

  • Change Style Indicator® to determine individual, group or team change style preferences
  • CliftonStrengths® to identify individual and team talents and provide additional insight into how to better manage change and resistance especially when coupled with the Change Style Indicator®
  • Prosci® ADKAR® Assessments and Pulse Surveys to determine the impact of the change based on Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement (ADKAR)

Managing Change and Change Management Training

  • Our change management team leverages the tools and resources available through Change Navigator in our programs. Change Navigator® focuses on the process of change coupled with individual insight on how to manage change based on individual preferences
  • Managing Change programs from Talent Management are instructor-led and are offered through the Individual Development Program series during the Spring and Fall semesters. Group- or unit-specific programs can be developed based on the unique needs of the group or unit.
  • The Change Management program explains what change management is and the process that comprises change management. It is offered through the Individual Development Program series during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Step 3: Engaging with OCCS

Once the recommendations and scope of the OCCS engagement are finalized, OCCS will put together a Statement of Work outlining core deliverables, level of effort, deliverable dates and cost. Upon signing the project Statement of Work OCCS will begin implementation of the project.