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Penn State Talent Management, in partnership with internal and external learning partners, offers a wide variety of live, online Instructor-led programs covering a range of business, soft skill, and Penn State-centric topics to meet your professional development goals. These programs are offered at no cost to University employees.

Looking for training related to Penn State systems (SIMBA, Canvas, etc.) or other technology and collaboration tools? IT Learning and Development offers instructor-led and asynchronous learning programs on a wide range of topics. Explore their events page to see upcoming opportunities. 

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Navigating Return to School

Navigating Return to School This presentation is a resource to help you address concerns your child may have returning to school, support family systems in becoming more resilient, and help you to identify your children’s mental health needs and ways to effectively connect with and support them. This is not designed to provide specific educational options for attendees as each family’s needs and options are unique. 

Health & Well-being Thursday, August 1, 2024 11:00 am - Noon Online

Building Better Mental Health

Just like physical health, mental health does not occur automatically. And, while every person is unique in what they need for their own optimal health, there are certain factors which are a part of a lifestyle that contribute to and support mental wellness. This presentation will address those factors and give attendees tools, tips and insights so they can identify and put into place what they need. Provided by SupportLinc.

Health & Well-being Wednesday, August 7, 2024 11:00 am - Noon Online

Stress Management

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. From time to time, we all experience increased levels of stress. However, if left unaddressed, stress can continue to build, and eventually becomes unmanageable. The purpose of this presentation is help you understand the impact of the different types of stress, review the most common effects of stress, and provide you practical tools and information regarding healthy habits and coping skills that you can begin using today to help you better manage the stress you face in your life, and build resilience. Provided by SupportLinc.

Health & Well-being Wednesday, September 4, 2024 11:00 am - Noon Online

Preventing Burnout

At one time or another, almost everyone reports feeling “burned out.” But what does “burnout” really mean? What are the signs of burnout? In this presentation, attendees will learn to identify the root causes of burnout, recognize which stress-inducing factors are within their control and develop an action plan for effectively managing stress at work and at home. By learning how to take responsibility for making changes, attendees will be empowered to overcome burnout and create balance in their busy lives. Provided by SupportLinc.

Health & Well-being Wednesday, October 2, 2024 11:00 am - Noon Online