Penn State Emerging Leaders - Faculty

The Penn State Emerging Academic Leaders (PSEAL) program is designed for faculty at the University interested in developing their leadership skills. The program is a blend of instructor-led seminars, engagements with mentors and mentees, and self-directed learning activities that help the participant explore leadership styles and best practices. Through these engagements, they will identify their strengths and development opportunities related to their personal academic leadership growth. The program culminates with a personal leadership philosophy statement and a development action plan.  

Mentorship is a significant part of the PSEAL program. Within this program, you will be mentored by a more experienced academic leader and will mentor others through the New Faculty Network program. Participants are encouraged to identify a mentor before applying to the program. Information about what a mentor will be asked to do can be found on the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs website ( Mentors may include a department or division head, a school director, a director or dean of academic affairs, an associate dean, a dean or chancellor, or any other academic leader interested in serving in this role. In this program, you will receive training on how to mentor new faculty and will oversee a cohort of new faculty members from across the University. If you need assistance in finding a potential mentor please contact Ann Clements, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs ([email protected]).  

Information for Participants

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We will accept Expression of Interest Forms for this program beginning Wednesday, February 15 through Friday, March 3, 2023.