Electrician - Part Time

CLASSIFICATION: Technical-Service  

JOB FAMILY: Maintenance and Trades 

JOB CODE: 8518-0001 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


Install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Test electrical equipment, systems, and/or components for proper functionality. Ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes. May install or service streetlights, service panels, electrical control systems. 


  • Tear down units, localize trouble and determine extent of repairs necessary; repair or replace defective parts or wiring and reassemble 
  • Disassemble motors, clean, repair or replace defective parts or wiring; adjust or replace brushes, bearings, commutators, and reassemble 
  • Install and wire equipment such as generators, motors, electronic equipment, special lighting and wiring, x-ray equipment, stage lighting, dimmer panels; install conduit, making bends, threading, and reaming where necessary 
  • Climb poles for installation and maintenance of high voltage rural distribution systems, flood lighting systems and aircraft lights 
  • Erect new lighting circuits in offices and various campus units 
  • Maintain and repair powerhouse equipment such as switchboards, transformers, generators, motors 
  • Perform periodic inspection of motors, switchboards, circuits, and other equipment as a matter of preventive maintenance 
  • Detect unusual conditions or defective materials and report to supervisor 
  • Test and maintain fire alarm and emergency light systems on an assigned schedule 
  • Safeguard utility services and facilities at various times while on duty and promptly report any unusual circumstances to the foreman or supervisor 

REQUIREMENTS: Electrical Trades Training