Navigating Difficult Conversations for Managers

All Day

As a leader, there are times when we encounter situations that require us to have a difficult conversation.  This course will help you transform your approach to address the issue at hand and maintain a positive relationship with others.  Join us in this empowering course where we will guide you through the art of navigating challenging dialogues. 

This course is designed to help you understand the underlying reasons behind your avoidance of difficult conversations and provide you with the necessary tools and insights to lean into them effectively. Drawing on the neuroscience findings, you will gain a deeper understanding of how our brain works and the impact on our approach to difficult conversations. 

Throughout the course, you will explore various techniques and strategies to engage in successful conversations, even in the face of discomfort. From active listening and empathetic understanding to managing emotions and building rapport, you will develop the skills to navigate through tough talks with authenticity and confidence.