Data & Onboarding Team

The data and onboarding team play a significant role in the hiring process at Penn State. This team ensures that all required paperwork, such as 1-9s, background checks, ID badges, and necessary clearances are completed in order to work at the University. This team manages employee data in Penn State's Enterprise Management System, Workday.

Name Phone Email
Andrew Ashcroft (814) 865-9390 [email protected]
Jenna Ault (814) 865-8878 [email protected]
Brooke Bayer (814) 865-4581 [email protected]
Jenna Chronister (814) 865-9271 [email protected]
Jamie Comly (814) 863-4617 [email protected]
Nathaniel Dane (814) 863-2941 [email protected]
Cindy Doran (814) 863-3004 [email protected]
Lynette Goodrow (814) 865-9285 [email protected]
Gunnar Keith (814) 865-9550 [email protected]
Sarah Harty   [email protected]
Joyce Hartsock (814) 865-9560 [email protected]
Mercedes Long   [email protected]
Karli Overman (814) 865-0149 [email protected]
Kasie Peterson (814) 865-9368 [email protected]
Matthew Rager (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Amber Robinson (814) 865-0483 [email protected]
Taylor Rocco (814) 863-1259 [email protected]
Taylor Stark (814) 863-7897 [email protected]
Alissa Welch (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Aylin Yakut   [email protected]