HR Services Team

The HR services team is responsible for responding to HR-related inquiries. Inquiries are typically received via phone or WorkLion. This team triages and responds to questions or they will transfer more complex questions directly to individuals or subject matter experts. This team also manages the content in WorkLion's Knowledge Base.

Name Phone Email
Beverly Bowman (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Christina Detterbeck (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Nichole Dreibelbis (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Olivia Farabaugh (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Paige Galanti (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Alyssa Genther (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Brett Gromley (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Heather Holencik (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Tara Irvin (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Chris Morgan (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Brad Struble (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Alissa Welch (814) 865-1473 [email protected].
Andrea Wildy (814) 865-1473 [email protected]
Brittany Yohn (814) 865-1473 [email protected]