Labor & Employee Relations Team

The labor and employee relations team manages all HR-related policies and guidelines. This team is also responsible for managing contracts with collective bargaining units at Penn State and for responding to all employee grievances and employment-related hearings. 

Name Phone Email
Melissa Camacho-Heenan   [email protected]
Veronica David (814) 867-0041 [email protected]
Jennifer Davis (814) 863-9368 [email protected]
Ruth Fleck (814) 867-0041 [email protected]
Rosemary Jordan    
Ken Korbich (814) 867-0041 [email protected]
Dovizia Long (814) 863-6822 [email protected]
Michelle Pedersen (814) 865-2200 [email protected]
Andrea Taylor (814) 863-9148 [email protected]
Stephanie Varholak (814) 418-7000 [email protected]
Jennifer White (814) 867-0041 [email protected]
Amy Wolfkill (814) 865-1473 [email protected]