HR Online Survey

On April 1st we invited Human Resources employees, and employees reporting to other functional areas who perform Human Resources -related work, to participate in an online. Thanks for your involvement and support, we achieved nearly 100% participation within the HR Community.  Once the results of the survey are shared with HR Reps and DBS's, these HR managers will share the information with their teams.  The results will provide detailed data around two important questions:

  • What do our HR people do?
  • How much does it cost?

The information we learn from this survey will be essential in determining how effectively we currently deliver HR services, and will inform decisions for changes to improve the HR function.

We've already done surveys that measure HR activity. Why are we doing the HR Online Survey?

We have already done some assessment within HR, but it has generally been of a more limited nature in terms of area of focus or participation. We did one study that was focused solely on performance management and another one, though broader, was conducted with a limited population. We have not done a broad activity analysis that allows us to see a direct linkage between cost and time spent on activities. The information gained from the HR Online survey can drive fact-based service delivery decisions based on tangible financial evidence.