HSA Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll in the PPO Savings Plan with HSA if my spouse is currently enrolled in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account through their employer?

No. The IRS does not permit use of a health care FSA when enrolled in an HSA. However, the Dependent Care FSA is available to either employee up to the IRS limits.

If the HealthEquity debit card is lost or stolen, and used by someone other than the member, what is the process to recover funds?

As with any debit or credit card issued by a financial institution, a lost or stolen card should first be reported to HealthEquity by calling (866) 346-5800. Representative are availabe to assist member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the card is stolen and used by someone other than the member, or the member has a dispute about a known transaction, the member will need to contact HealthEquity regarding the transaction within 60 days of the transaction date.

What will happen to claims history with Highmark once we move to Aetna?

Access to claims in the Highmark system will still be accessible for 365 days after the coverage is terminated.

If a member paid out-of-pocket for a claim in 2016, can they still reimburse themselves now? If so, how would the member do this?

As long as the reimbursement is for a claim while they are covered by the PPO Savings Plan, the member can submit the claim using any of the three option outlined above.

With the changes in 2018 for dually-employed spouses in the PPO Savings Plan, assuming that both spouses wish to continue under one medical plan, what will happen to the HSA of the spouse removing coverage? What will happen to the HSA for the spouse adding coverage?

When the lower-paid spouse removes coverage for 2018, their HSA will be changed to an individual account, no longer tied to PPO Savings Plan participation. The funds in the individual HSA will remain available to use for the individual account holder and eligible dependents. There will no longer be PSU or payroll contribution funds placed into the individual HSA.

Once the higher-paid spouse elects coverage for 2018, an HSA will be opened in their name as the policy-holder of the PPO Savings Plan. The PSU contribution, as well as any employee elected payroll contributions, will begin to be deposited into this new HSA.

Can both spouses make payroll contributions toward the higher-paid spouse’s hsa?

No. Payroll contributions to the policy-holder’s HSA can only be made by the employee whose name is on the HSA.

Can dually-employed spouses have separate plans and each be the subscriber in the PPO Savings Plan with HSA?

Yes. Dually-employed spouses may each elected their own PPO Savings Plan with HSA. Each employee will have an HSA opened in their name as the policy-holder of the PPO Savings Plan. Each employee will receive the applicable PSU contribution based on their salary and level of coverage. Each employee will be able to elect additional payroll contributions if they choose. Each employee’s HSA can be used for eligible expenses for the account holder, spouse, and eligible children. 

Please note that employees of the University are not able to be enrolled as a dependent under their University employed spouse if they are already enrolled in coverage as the employee.

If an employee has the PPO Savings Plan with HSA, and changes medical plans due to a qualifying event or annual open enrollment, what will happen to the HSA? What if that employee later decides to re-enroll in the PPO Savings Plan with HSA due to another qualfying event or during open enrollment?

If an employee cancels their participation in the PPO Savings Plan with HSA, the HSA will change to an individual account with HealthEquity ineligible for payroll contributions. HealthEquity will notify the employee of this change via a letter mailed to the home address on file for the account.

If the employee later has a qualifying event, or during the annual open enrollment period, and decides to re-enroll in the PPO Savings Plan with HSA, the same HSA that was changed to an individual account will be changed back to a group sponsored HSA eligible for payroll contributions.