Multimedia Specialist - Part Time


JOB FAMILY: Media, Marketing, and Communications 

JOB CODE: 8384-0000 

FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt 


The Multimedia Specialist incorporates advanced multimedia technology such as graphic design, multimedia authoring, site-oriented web development (e.g., page design, media integration), advance publishing (e.g., color separation, advanced image processing and design), digital video acquisition and production, professional media acquisition (e.g., high-end scanning and color matching, digital photography, scientific imaging, three-dimensional digitalization), and/or two- or three-dimensional animation and visualization. 


  • Integrate several related client needs to develop appropriate strategies for implementing multimedia technology across a broad range of programs and initiatives 
  • Design, edit, and integrate digital content, graphics, animation, photography, illustrations, and other multimedia visualization and imaging products 
  • Support content authors to ensure multimedia products reflect overall mission 
  • Design and develop content style and layout 
  • Create presentation and communication templates for promotional, developmental, and administrative needs 
  • Create proofs, prototypes, mock-ups, wireframes, user journey maps, and other visual aides 
  • Collaborate in the creative direction and oversee the development of video and audio content 
  • Comply with accessibility standards, contractual obligations, confidentiality and privacy policies, and style and standard guidelines 
  • Participate in the development of strategies for user experiences; make recommendations to enhance learning and/or user engagement 
  • Review final drafts for photographer credit, copyright, captions, and any legal or contractual usage policies 
  • May design and maintain websites, including development of new functionality, content updates, style and layout, and accessibility 
  • May provide consultation to the design and structure of multimedia solutions for active and collaborative, computer-mediated, and distributed learning