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As a land grant institution, Penn State has a mission devoted to teaching, research, and public service. To fulfill this mission and effectively deliver services that support the community, Penn State has grown to a campus of 24 locations with a significant community-based presence through our system of Outreach and Extension services.

To support this complex network of services, Penn State operates as One University…Geographically Dispersed. With a centralized leadership team, regardless of your position or geographic work location, you ultimately report up to the University’s leadership.

As you follow this portion of the “site seeing” tour, your final stop is labeled “Your Penn State.” From here you will have an opportunity to explore your campus location as well as your college or administrative unit – your work team. Both are important aspects of your experience – we encourage you to be an active member of your campus and part of your local community, but remember, we are all colleagues, with a shared mission, regardless of our location!


To learn more about our origin, impactful research, and leadership…take time to explore our history path.

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